Indispensable items for people with car sickness


1. Fresh ginger - an effective remedy for motion sickness

The easiest way to use fresh ginger is to take a sip when you start to feel the signs of motion sickness. If you want to "far room", you can drink ginger tea about 1 hour before departure to reduce symptoms of nausea, stomach pain, dizziness when riding the train. Ginger tea not only helps you to be more alert, but also reduces stomach pain, improves health very effectively.




2. Lemon, orange, tangerine

Few people know that sucking on the peel of fresh lemon can reduce symptoms of nausea, vomiting, and nausea when traveling by train. If you are afraid of bitterness, you can use orange peels and tangerines instead. Note that you should only suck the skin, absolutely do not eat sour fruits, high acidity before boarding the train, because the acidic nature of oranges and lemons will cause a feeling of hangover and damage your stomach. there.


3. Bread

When eating bread, the pancreas secretes trypsin, an enzyme metabolized with amino acids that effectively calms the nerves. If you do not want to eat, smell a piece of bread to help reduce the smell of the car, reduce the feeling of motion sickness.



4. Water - a simple yet effective way to reduce motion sickness

Did you know that drinking about a liter of warm water before you get in the car will reduce nausea? The story sounds like a joke but it's real! If you get car sick and there is not a single useful food in your house, try this simple way.



5. Soy milk

If you feel uncomfortable before getting in the car, drink soy milk. This milk dish will help you relax your stomach, reduce the feeling of dizziness and dizziness. In addition, soy milk is also low in calories, but rich in fiber, extremely nutritious for health. 


6. Biscuits

Biscuits or dry foods help reduce the amount of saliva and gastric juice, thereby reducing nausea and discomfort. For a travel by train, have a bag of cookies ready to savor along the way. Choose your favorite flavor and avoid special flavors like spicy, onion, garlic ... as they can make symptoms of car sickness worse.



The next time you travel by train, be sure to remember at least 1 of these 6 effective ways to reduce motion sickness! The natural prevention of car sickness will keep you healthy throughout the whole trip, ensuring energy to be active and much more energetic!

Visit the 30-year-old crab vermicelli shop near Hanoi Old

 Quan Huyen Thu opened in 1986, nearly 30 years old, famous for its crab vermicelli dish that many people enjoy and know.

Located on Quang Trung Street, but this crab vermicelli shop has a rather modest facade. The old glass case is at the door of the shop, so that visitors can order things before choosing a place, although convenient, the closet covers most of the aisle. If you do not pay attention, it is easy for visitors to ignore this address.

Crab and snail vermicelli costs 50,000 VND per bowl.

The menu has up to 9 dishes with crab, beef, spring rolls ... but the bowl of vermicelli that many people have to try is vermicelli. Do not use yellow snails like many other places, the shop only uses stuffed snails. The large, round, shiny screws that have been preliminarily processed to remove the oil and sediment will be cut into pieces to fit the mouth.

A bowl of vermicelli with about 6-7 snails, filled with crab broth, served with chopped raw vegetables. In addition to the addictive crunchy texture of the snail meat, the broth of the restaurant is also appreciated, although it does not have the usual deep red color. The water is sweet and fatty from the crab stick and the sour taste of vinegar suddenly wakes up.

Crab rice noodle bowl is priced at 35,000 VND.

Having taken the time to come here, few people ignore the opportunity to enjoy both crab beef crab or crab cow - snail, the price from 45,000 to 65,000 VND. However, the most expensive vermicelli bowl here is the crab barrel with the beef and sausage core, which costs 70,000 VND. If you want to feel the taste of crab, you can order a basic bowl of vermicelli for 25,000 VND, without fried tofu.

Although the front of the restaurant is small, the inside is wide and clean, including 10 sets of plastic tables and chairs. Coming in the early morning, when not crowded, diners can enjoy breakfast while listening to birdsong.

The ingredients are displayed in a glass cabinet in front of the entrance so that guests can observe.

Ms. Huyen, the owner, said that the recipe for making vermicelli is made by herself, learning and creating, adjusted based on the opinions of customers. Previously, the shop was just a sidewalk, but the price was up to 50,000 VND and only sold in the morning. Due to the large number of customers, great demand, the shop sells more at noon, until 2:00 p.m. is off. The owner and staff here are considered friendly by the guests, but the time of crowded is also difficult to cover, so many people are still not satisfied.

One point that many people do not like is the restaurant uses MSG. Therefore, if you cannot eat you should tell the owner from the beginning.

Braised beef noodle shop keeps the flavor for over 65 years at SAI GON
Started selling in the 1960s, Mrs. Nam's beef noodle shop (District 10, Ho Chi Minh City) has existed for more than half a century and is loved by many people because of its unique taste.

Located at the top of an alley on Tran Nhan Ton Street (District 10, Ho Chi Minh City), there are no shops, no signs, the noodle shop of Mrs. Kho's beef stock is always busy with customers from early morning until almost noon.

This alley restaurant was opened by the mother of Mrs. Tran Thi Tuyet Hong (50 years old, the person from the leftmost) opened in the 1960s, and until now it has been over 65 years. 

"That day, my mother raised 11 children to sell everything in the market. After that, I learned how to cook braised beef so I opened it. At first, it was not very successful, but my mother learned and corrected. fix every day, gradually also satisfy customers, "Ms. Hong shared.

Ms. Hong also said that the beef she imported from the company and other raw materials were also delivered by the drivers every day so she did not have to go to the market. After finishing her business in the morning and afternoon, she prepared to cook a new pot of beef stock for the next day.

An important secret to a good pot of beef stock, according to Hong, is the combination of two things: good ingredients and the "mind" of the cook. Curry powder (the typical spice to create the flavor of braised beef) was ordered very well by her at Ben Thanh market. Meanwhile, in order to keep the beef stew soft and soft, she had to use the technique of "fire stew" (boiling pot of braised beef several times), with different sizes of fire.

These factors have created a very unique flavor of the beef pot here, attracting many customers to eat regularly. "On weekends, the shop is full of guests, I have to work without a break," said Hong.

Mr. Bui Duy Duc (District 10) is a familiar customer of Mrs. Nam's noodle shop for more than 10 years, since Mrs. Hong's mother was still alive. He said that because the stock of beef stock here is very strong, medium mouth, beef is not too soft, nor too chewy so he often comes to eat at the restaurant

Meanwhile, Tran Kim Lien (70 years old) is a "historical witness" of this noodle shop. "I eat here from small to large, and later go get married in District 8, I often come back to eat. I have tried beef stock in many other places already, but no place is as good as this, after eating it is not never forget, "confided Ms. Lien.

A bowl of beef noodle soup is sold at an affordable price of VND 40,000. "However, those who have no money, want to eat 20,000-30,000 I still sell, because here serves different classes of people," said Hong.

When asked if she wanted to open a bigger shop if possible, Ms. Hong said she didn't want to. She explained: "In such a shop, I sell to many classes, motorbike drivers, motorcars, people also eat beef stock. With people who eat here from small to large, from school to to work, to succeed, to go to a car, people will not criticize us as being poor, still come here to eat, confide in us. That's fun! "


7 locations for delicious BUN BO HUE
Ho Chi Minh City Restaurant 31, uncle Ha or Dong Ba are the places to sell Hue beef noodle soup recommended by Culture Trip.

BUN BO HUE was once recognized by renowned chef Anthony Bourdain as one of the best delicacies in the world. Noodle bowl is attractive with a strong, spicy broth, inside is beef with pork sausages, fresh vegetables. The dish originated from Hue but in Saigon, visitors can still try it at the 10 famous addresses below.


   The shop is located in West Bui Vien Street, District 1, so it attracts many foreign customers. This address opened in the 1990s, leaving an impression by using lemongrass and shrimp paste harmoniously. You will be served a variety of vegetables and spices to mix in your own bowl. In addition to the delicious beef noodle soup, this place also serves Quang noodles and some Central specialties. Each bowl of beef noodle soup is priced at 62,000 - 72,000 VND. 


2. Bún Bò 31
      Located on Mac Dinh Chi Street (District 10), the restaurant stands out thanks to its large red sign. At first glance, this space may look a bit old because it has existed for nearly 30 years. Here, diners can order a "special bowl of everything" for 44,000 VND. The tender pieces of meat, crispy and tough pork leg, the rich broth are the highlights of this address. Guests can even watch the chefs cooking behind the screen.

Inside Bún Bò 31

3. Chú HÁ
    The shop is located on Vo Van Tan Street (District 3), near the intersection with Nguyen Thuong Hien Street. Located in the middle of the row of street houses, the shop is characterized by a small stroller, filled with materials, covered by a glass panel. The owner is a funny person who will cook for you a bowl of beef noodles. When a customer orders, the owner will remove the noodles and put them in a bowl before placing them on top of ingredients such as rolls, beef, sausages ... Soup. The owner combines Chinese cooking in a traditional dish of Hue people. The price for a meal here is about 60,000 VND. 


 The price for a meal here is about 60,000 VND (~3$) 

 This is a famous vermicelli location in Tan Binh district, located on Banh Van Tran street. The owner is originally from Hue, so the taste of beef noodle soup here is popular with many guests. Noodles are small and soft; Sweet broth is made from a long stew from the bone. The attentive and fast service, affordable price and delicious taste made with fresh ingredients are the plus points of the restaurant. The price for each bowl here is 40,000 VND. 

Tan Binh district, located on Banh Van Tran street.

5. HẺM ( HORN)
      As the name implies, this restaurant is located in an alley on Tran Quang Dieu Street, District 3. Once located on Ly Chinh Thang Street, District 3, the shop expanded and moved to a larger space. Visitors can come here to enjoy a bowl of beef noodle soup after exploring the tourist destinations in District 3. The dishes at the restaurant have been flavored to suit the taste of the South. The price for each bowl is about 30,000 VND. In addition to bun bo, you can find other Hue specialties on the menu.

6. XƯA
     Guests can choose to enjoy beef noodle soup in a more upscale restaurant at this address. The shop is located on Cach Mang Thang 8 Street, District 3. The interior space is decorated like a house in rural Vietnam, tables and chairs made of bamboo. Not only serving beef noodles, the restaurant's menu also has other Vietnamese dishes quite diverse. 

   With 6 branches in Saigon, the shop is quite famous for people living in the city whenever they want to eat beef noodles. However, the flavor here is not very special. Space like many other eateries in Vietnam, the small tables and chairs are always neatly arranged, often filled with guests. You should taste the broth before adding any other spices to the bowl. Each meal here costs an average of 40,000 VND.


Top 7 resorts in Phu Quoc
Coming to Phu Quoc, a paradise is dubbed the Pearl Island, a convergence place with many beautiful beaches. And become the most attractive tourist place. Phu Quoc will hold you back with its pure, unspoiled natural beauty that will open to you an exciting coastal sea and bring you to the colorful and joyful fishing village life, where a casual smile of the people of the sea are always sparkling to welcome.

When coming to Phu Quoc, the simple and simple beauty will be shown to visitors because this is a newly exploited land, and the conditions here will not be like other tourist areas such as Nha Trang. , Da Nang, the resort has not been used much, but due to the stability of service quality, it has gradually attracted many tourists. And the famous resorts, attracting the most guests in Phu Quoc are: Vinpearl Resort Phu Quoc, Eden Resort, La Veranda Resort, The Shell, Blue Lagoon Resort and Spa, Famiana Resort ...

1. Vinpearl Resort Phú Quốc & VillasVinpearl Resort Phu Quoc is a well-known international resort that is equipped with modern Western-style facilities. Vinpearl Resort Phu Quoc is located right "BÃI DÀI" is one of the most beautiful and pristine beaches in Phu Quoc. With the design of building more than 1,000 standard 5 * hotel rooms and more than 400 villas from 2 to 4 bedrooms Vinpearl Phu Quoc Resort & Villa is one of the largest hotels in Phu Quoc.

 Phu Quoc first-class 27-hole golf course.

In addition to the 5 * Vinpearl Phu Quoc hotel system, Vinpearl Land amusement park, Safari World Zoo, Vin Mec Hospital, 27-hole Golf Course are up to international standards. is one of the ideal stops for everyone.

2. The Shell PHU QUOC

The Shell Resort & Spa is a high-class 5-star resort in Phu Quoc, one of the places that can meet the needs of tourists, including the most difficult ones. design and architecture details of this place.

With the quiet space in the light of nature and the fresh air between heaven and sea. The scallop-shaped architecture, with strong curves full of personality, blends perfectly with the surrounding design elements of the resort. And come to The Shell, visitors will enjoy the relaxing and comfortable feeling, along with the resort location will create a refreshing spirit to immerse yourself in the scenery here, as well as use the utility services at This place is like spa treatments for which guests do not have to pay extra services.

The Shell Resort & Spa

3. Eden Resort PHU QUOC 
 Eden Resort Phu Quoc, 4 star standard, is located on the west coast of Phu Quoc Island, not located in the center of town but a few kilometers by road, about 5 km from the airport. The resort is located close to the sea, cuddled with pure white sand and clear blue sea.Eden Resort is a simple combination of rustic, blending the seaside landscape, garden. There is a large area, and the resort's rooms are equipped with the most modern and comfortable equipment to ensure guests a pleasant and comfortable stay. And coming here, not only serves the needs of travelers but also has the ability to meet the activities associated with the daily life of everyone.

Eden Resort Phu Quoc

4. La Veranda Resort 
La Veranda Resort 4 star standard, 7 km from the airport by road, is a luxury resort in Phu Quoc. La Veranda Resort Phu Quoc Resort is located on a beautiful white sand beach, designed in the style of colonial architecture combining harmoniously with the decoration style of coastal culture, appearing in the middle of the forest. With luxurious beauty, class French style and fully equipped with high-class resort services. The resort is located at the edge of the forest, in a small alley but La Veranda Resort still shows its position and attractiveness to foreign tourists. This is one of the luxurious resorts in Phu Quoc, and is an appropriate location for visitors to rest and relax after stressful working hours in life and work. 

 La Veranda Resort 4 star

5. Blue Lagoon Resort and Spa  
 Blue Lagoon Resort and Spa is also a 4-star resort, located near the center of Duong Dong town and has a beautiful beach. This is an ideal resting place for visitors to Phu Quoc tourist resort on a visit to Ngoc Island. Because of wanting to bring visitors a sense of closeness and simplicity, the interior architecture of the entire Resort system is mostly made of wood, airy and surrounded by trees. In the lush green space of trees, quietly listening to the wind makes the leaves rustle, blending in the captivating sounds of the waves, will make any visitor staying here, feel relaxed. the most perfect that not all places have. Coming to Blue Lagoon Resort and Spa will bring you a great feeling with attentive service style, as well as restaurant and food service, specialty dishes will make visitors remember this place.

Blue Lagoon Resort and Spa

6. Famiana Phú Quốc  
Famiana Resort Phu Quoc 4 stars, skillfully built an overall resort hidden in the romantic nature but all of them have great views to watch the sea. In addition to the luxurious, luxurious rooms stretching along the beach, Famiana Resort Phu Quoc also has a mountain resort. And this is one of the charming resorts, impressing the visitors with wonderful scenery in a spacious, airy space.

Famiana Resort Phu Quoc 4 stars

7.  Long Beach Phú Quốc  

This is also the Resort is located farthest from the airport and the town center, but 4-star standard and all its services are not inferior to other resorts in the center. The materials are made mostly of wood and equipped with full amenities such as air conditioning, television, refrigerator, internet, minibar, luxurious bathroom, ... to bring luxury and modernity. Long Beach Resort is distinguished by its pure Vietnamese architectural style and overlooking the sea, offering a beautiful view to the resort. Come to Long Beach Resort to enjoy the strongest Vietnamese feeling, enjoy the best Phu Quoc specialties and watch the most peaceful sea; true nature resort in Vietnam.
Why is famous Vietnamese PHỞ ?

Pho is a very familiar dish of Vietnamese people and even it is one of the specialties that many foreign visitors feel excited to enjoy. It is famous for that, but for those who often write about food, it feels a bit difficult to make a presentation of Vietnamese pho. For this reason, we will make our theory a specific article, which is considered as a sample for Vietnamese pho in particular and the dishes of our nation in general

The explanation of Vietnamese Phở dish is as follows:

If you ask that what is the cuisine of Vietnam cuisine on the world map, perhaps it will not be too exaggerated to say that it is Pho. Pho - a short name but contains a lot of the essence of Vietnamese cuisine, and then just enjoy it once, people will keep remembering the rich, unforgettable flavor.

    Pho - one of the most popular Vietnamese dishes in Vietnam by foreign tourists (Image: Internet)

Pho is a dish that has existed for a long time, maybe no one knows exactly when this dish has been available ever since. However, only today, Pho has been present everywhere, from small roadside eateries to big and luxurious restaurants and hotels. However, in order to enjoy the most authentic Vietnamese Pho, Nam Dinh and especially Hanoi, where the old streets, in Pho rows, have been passed down the secret of cooking, has been promoted and promoted. generations. 

Cooking Pho soup requires a lot of technique and patience (Image: Internet)

I have enjoyed Pho in many places along the North to the South, and have also been reading through many secrets of processing Pho. It is undeniable that serving a true Vietnamese true Pho is incredibly feat, sometimes it takes 8-10 hours to complete. A good Pho first of all must have a soft, chewy noodles, soft feeling, not friable. Next we have to mention the broth - the ingredient that is said to be the most quintessential and the most elaborate. The water is stewed from cow bone, grilled ginger, grilled onion, grilled onion, grilled star anise, grilled cardamom, pungent paste, cinnamon stick and spices are carefully and carefully tasted. The broth will even be simmered for 8 - 10 hours and must be filtered through to get clear, odorless beef. In contrast, it is very rich and has a very unique flavor. It is not complicated to hear how to cook, but actually to cook a pot of broth like that requires extremely skilled and experienced.

To the stage of enjoying Pho, sometimes it is so sophisticated that it has been likened to "the art of using Pho". First arrange Pho noodles first, then the beef or tendons, encrusted, dandruff ... next to the layer of finely chopped scallion, then use the broth. When eating, must pick up more coriander, then add a little garlic soaked, vinegar, black soy sauce, chili and squeezed more pieces of lemon, that's really Pho. Lacking a little taste or material is hard to get a round bowl of Pho.

Because of different quality and brand, Pho in our country is also sold at very different prices. There are simple Pho restaurants with only 20,000 - 25,000 VND / bowl, but there are also places that count 50,000 - 60,000 VND / bowl, even some up to over 100,000 VND / bowl. Tourists come to Vietnam often jokingly say that, when coming to Vietnam without eating Pho, it is considered as just arriving and not yet seeing the essence of cuisine here.

Pho is also a dish that has been recognized as one of the most attractive dishes in the world by Chefs, experts as well as foreign magazines and TV stations, worthy of the position of "soul" in culinary. Vietnam, bearing the Vietnamese name, is clearly defined on the world cuisine map.

As a Vietnamese, growing up in the scent of rice fields, loving the scent of salty sea scent, appreciating the aroma of rice, and having enjoyed Pho, I feel more in love his country. Pho is just like the soul of each of us, there is simple but still extremely delicate. I always hope that the secrets of cooking Pho will always be respected, handed down, preserved and promoted properly so that Pho will always be forever and forever. At the same time, Pho as well as many other Vietnamese dishes will become more and more popular, promoted more as one of the beauty of our country's culinary culture. 
Living in Saigon, as a fan of shrimp and shrimp bean noodles, have you ever tried these 2 famous restaurants?

If you are a big fan of the attractive bean vermicelli noodles from Hanoi, then you should save the names of the restaurant specializing in this dish and be favored by many customers.

1. Homemade bean noodles
The restaurant offers a cozy, rustic but no less professional cuisine in the service style

Because the owner is originally from Hanoi, you can be assured of the taste of the bean vermicelli noodles here. From sour rolls, fried beans, boiled meat to shrimp sauce, all are processed according to the original taste of the North. Therefore, most diners judge that the food here is the best taste of the shrimp sauce with shrimp sauce.

In addition to bean vermicelli, this restaurant also serves many other dishes representing Ha noi cuisine such as stuffed snails, spring rolls, spring rolls, ... making your meal more diverse and richer. 

2. Cau Go bean noodle

The diner with a rustic décor, serving only one dish, is shrimp and shrimp sauce noodles. The special thing is everything here is right, processed according to traditional recipe or even some ingredients imported from Hanoi. So this place will help you experience the original taste of this dish. 

The main ingredients for "vermicelli noodle soup" or also known as mixed here include vermicelli leaves, crispy fried beans, spring rolls, bacon and indispensable cup of rich shrimp sauce.


Any diners who once enjoy must admire the crispy aromatic, soft of fried crispy young beans. Grilled spring rolls, tough and passionate. More specifically with the unique shrimp sauce recipe, the ball will feel the full salty, aromatic nose of the cup of sauce mixed with the sourness of the octopus and the sweetness of the sugar balance. 

Overall, compared to the famous bean vermicelli shops, the price here is also quite comfortable at 55k / share for one person. Vermicelli here is considered by many customers to be delicious, of right quality and clean. 

Marking the westernmost spot on Việt Nam’s mainland, Milestone No Zero A Pa Chải on top of Khoan La San Mountain sits 1,864m above sea level in Sín Thầu Commune, Mường Nhé District, the northern province of Điện Biên.
The marker was installed with the agreement of three countries on June 27, 2005. Made of granite, it is two metres high and has three sides to face the three nations. Each side is engraved with information in each language and the national emblem of each nation.

Visitors climb a staircase leading to the scenic viewpoint and the marker.
This is the border junction between Việt Nam, Laos and Cambodia. People always joke that this is the place where a cork crows and people from three countries can hear.
The area is among the top destinations of backpackers and travellers.
In the past, in order to visit the milestone, border soldiers and tourists alike had to trek through the forest.
The spectacular scenery of the site.
Now, a road and staircases have been built to make the trip easier.
A Pa Chải is located some 250km from the centre of the historic city of Điện Biên Phủ, home primarily to the Hà Nhì ethnic minority group. In Hà Nhì language, A Pa Chải means a big flat land.
A carved stone stele provides information on the westernmost point of A Pa Chải.
There are two different seasons in the area: the rainy season from April to October and the dry season from November to March with average temperature of 21-23 degrees Celsius.
A Pa Chải is also home to an old forest with diverse flora and fauna.
 A signpost gives direction to A Pa Chải and the milestone.
It is advisable for tourists to come to the area in the dry season between November and March, when it’s easier to travel without the risk of landslides and slippery roads. — VNS
Vietnam is one of those places where you can plan your whole trip around delicious eats. Not only are the country’s many dishes a treat for your palate, eating local food is one of the best ways to get to know Vietnamese culture and people. Dedicated foodies who go beyond famous eats like phở and bánh mì will find each regional dish is a unique combination of local ingredients, preferences and influences. Here’s a quick guide to a gastronomic adventure around Vietnam.gastronomic adventure around Vietnam.

Street food heaven

Food from the North tends to have mild flavours and highlights the natural taste of ingredients, and served with lots of herbs and condiments. Don’t be intimidated by the options that come with your phở. Fresh chillies, limes, and vinegar garlic are all here to help. Before adding anything though, take a sip of the pure bone broth flavoured with star anise, cardamom, and cinnamon. It’s a way to show your respect to the cook, and appreciate the finesse of Northern Vietnamese cuisine.